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By Anita Lettink

Can You Imagine A World Without Jobs?





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Anita Lettink
Anita Lettink
It’s a public holiday in the Netherlands and I’m taking a couple of days off. But I wanted to ask you a question this week:
Can you imagine a world without jobs?
I’m not thinking about a world without work - far from it. I just wonder if the way we structure work into jobs will help us organize it in future.
And if you consider it a weird question, just think about your own job profile: when was it last updated? Does it perfectly describe all your responsibilities? Your 2021 goals and objectives?
If you answer “yes”, I bet you recently switched jobs. If you’ve been in your current role for a bit longer, what is your answer?
As I prepare for my next keynote about Let’s meet your 2025 Employee, I will share one daily thread on my twitter timeline with updates. You can also join the keynote on May 27 at 9.50am CET. Registration is free.
Let me know if we’re headed towards a World without Jobs:
I’m looking forward to it!
Have a great weekend, Anita

Weekend Reading
Weekend Watching
This excellent conversation between Sabina Dewan and Daniel Samaan inspired my thinking about the future of jobs.
Genva ImpACT Talk 2021-04-28: The jobs of the future: Managing work in the digital age
Genva ImpACT Talk 2021-04-28: The jobs of the future: Managing work in the digital age
Tweet of the week
Here’s the twitter thread that explains my thinking:
🟣Anita Lettink
Are we headed towards a world without jobs?

And no, I am not talking about being replaced by robots. Far from it.

What I mean is that work is changing so fast, that "jobs" can't keep up.
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Anita Lettink
Anita Lettink @let_anita

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