Future of Work

By Anita Lettink

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Introducing the learning ecosystem

and why immersive learning deserves your attention


I experienced the future of learning...

and I was pleasantly surprised. There's room for improvement too!


The boss is spying on you...

do you know who is watching you work?


We're ditching the resume - or are we?

Now that people are leaving their jobs in record numbers, employers take a hard look at hiring practices.


Putting people in the center of pay

A permanent contract is no longer the norm. As people eplore alternative work arrangements, the way they get paid also changes.


Why Work Must Change!

A 106 vacancies per 100 workers. Is the labor shortage real?


With $5.2B in funding, HRTech is hot!

Where will this end? Is this the year the HRTech space will receive $10B in investments?


Where will we work? And when?

How you can use Organizational Network Analysis to guide return-to-office decisions.


The mysterious case of the missing workers

The record number of vacancies is a global phenomenon. Here are 12 data-driven explanations why you can't find new people right now.


Working remotely: the next culture war

Who knew that the ability to work remotely (or not) would become a controversial topic?


Why you are underestimating the power of talent platforms

From gig worker to tech support to executive, there's a marketplace for every profession.


Employees are heading for the exit - are you ready?

What's your approach to the talent pipeline? Do you even have one?


On Mental Health Tech in the Workplace

Employee well-being programs are the top new workplace perks. Do you offer them?


Can You Imagine A World Without Jobs?

This excellent conversation between Sabina Dewan and Daniel Samaan inspired my thinking about the future of jobs.


Are you ready to meet your 2025 employee?

Bit of a nice surprise this week: Biz Tech Magazine featured me on their 2021 Top 30 Influencer List! Check it out:


4 reasons why your people can't work from anywhere

I am speaking about the future of the workforce and the need to think about your 2025 employee at HR Tech Fest. I hope you'll join me! Registration is free.


How APIs will revolutionize workforce ecosystems

What does buying a new car have in common with selecting your next workforce system? There are more similarities than you think:


Is this the beginning of the end of the gig worker?

I don't think I have ever seen a more accurate picture of a career path:


Stop talking about hybrid. What we want is flexibility.

If you haven't watched the new documentary on the rise and fall of WeWork you're missing out. It's a fascinating story of an immersive and excessive company culture, and the role of its founder. It also led to an animated conversation on the role of HR:


Hot new job: Do you have a 'Head of Remote' yet?

Staffbase Announces $145M Round for Employee Engagement PlatformRecruitment Platform Celential Raises $9.5MSpekit Raises $12.2M to Shape the Future of Learning at WorkCrosschq Raises 13M for Data-Driven HiringDataPeople Raised $8M to Achieve Equity in Recruit…